Compost Tumblers Can Make Composting Fun

Compost tumblers can make the processing of compost more efficient, convenient, easier, and even fun. What is a compost tumbler? It is merely a type of compost bin, usually of cylindrical shape, which can be turned or rotated in order to assist with the turning and aeration of the compost pile.

Many compost tumblers contain some sort of an additional provision to enable aeration of the compost pile. Aeration is very important, as a compost pile needs to be aerobic, which means "with air". This often takes the form of a cylinder placed inside the tumbler which goes from one end of the container to the other. It's drilled with holes to allow air to enter the center of the compost. Frequenty this cylinder will have winged protrusions attached and thereby functions as an additional source of mixing and turning.

Compost tumblers have additional benefits. They make the processing of the compost easier because manual turning is no longer necessary. They also are much more attractive than a compost pile situated on the ground. A compost tumbler will also protect the pile from the elements, not allowing it to get soaked and soggy in wet weather, or dried out in hot dry weather, and will keep pests from entering the compost.

While a properly tended and turned pile maintained under optimal conditions can produce a finished product just as quickly as a rotating compost bin, or tumbler, the reality is that most people will not be as attentive as they should be when it is necessary to manually turn and mix the pile. When the compost is in a tumbler it is much easier for people to turn on a regular basis and some people even look forward to it as a fun pastime.

If you live on a farm this next point won't be applicable, but compost tumblers are also much more attractive than most other types of containers or a pile situated directly on the ground. If you have neighbors living in close proximity, this is a consideration. Also, most compost tumblers are on wheels, allowing them to be moved around the garden, which can be very convenient.

Of course, while a tumbler can be a great way to make processing compost easier and more efficient, it's certainly not necessary to use any type of a container in order to create a thriving compost pile. A perfectly good compost pile can be created directly upon the ground, or in containers made out of scrounged materials. Tumblers will just make the whole process more attractive, less of a chore, and a little bit more fun.

Compost tumblers are available for sale in many places, including a number of Internet merchants. You know composting's gone mainstream when you can find them on, however.

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