Compost Equipment Makes The Job Quicker And Easier

While you have the basic necessities for a compost pile if you've got some organic waste material and a place to put it, there is a variety of different types of compost equipment that can make the process less work, more convenient, and more efficient.

The first extra piece of compost equipment you may wish to consider is the pre-manufactured composting bin. While people have used materials ranging from shipping pallets to used fifty-gallon drums to make compost bins, there are a number of manufactured solutions available to those who may not have the time or raw materials to create their own. You have a number of different choices here, ranging from rectangular or square bins with a lid to circular rotating containers, sometimes referred to as tumblers.

Another item that you might find to be helpful to the composting process is a chlorine filter for your garden hose. The entire composting process is driven by beneficial bacteria. Since the whole purpose of adding chlorine to water is to destroy bacteria, it will necessary to remove this chemical from any water that you intend to use when moistening the compost pile.

You can also purchase products intended to assist the activity of the friendly microorganisms in a compost pile. These products are variously referred to as activators, inoculants, starters, or accelerators. They are available in powder form or as a liquid. Each product will be intended for specific usages, but generally, they are meant to be added to the pile either to get it started properly, to speed up the pile's decomposition, or to control the quality of the final compost.

Another piece of compost equipment that can be very useful is a sifter or a screener. These will allow you to sift your finished compost removing any large pieces that have not totally decomposed.

Also, in addition to pitchforks and shovels, which are readily available, there are a number of inventions that allow you to more efficiently turn or mix the compost. These products tend to take the basic form of a pole with "wings" attached to the end. The wings lie flat when the pole is inserted into the pile, and then will open when the pole is withdrawn, mixing the pile, and also aerating it, which is important for allowing the process to continue optimally.

There also are many different types of containers or buckets intended to be kept in the kitchen and used to store food wastes, so you won't have to run out and add them every day. These products are superior to a typical garbage can because they are designed specifically to hold food wastes for extended periods of time. They will normally have tight seals in order to prevent odors from escaping and pests from appearing. Most also include air filters to reduce odors, and handles to make carrying the food scraps to the compost pile more convenient.

So, if you've been postponing starting a compost pile because you think it's too much trouble, or you already have a pile and could use some help with it, one or more of these handy pieces of compost equipment could be your answer.

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